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Maldin's Greyhawk

The City of Greyhawk

by Denis Tetreault
 Version 2.0

The City of Greyhawk, known as the "Gem of the Flanaess", is largest city in the Greyhawk campaign world. Located on the shores of the Selintan River, it is a center of trade and learning, and therefore a magnet for adventurers.

Below you will find two maps based on the redesigned City of Greyhawk I produced for Wizards of the Coasts' RPGA Living Greyhawk Campaign, based on the original map created by Diesel for the CoG Boxed Set. My map was included as a poster insert in Living Greyhawk Journal Issue #2 (LGJ#2). The first is a java-scripted locator map for the various locations around the city. The second is an undercity map showing the sewers and secret tunnels that snake beneath the city. Hover your mouse cursor over various locations on the maps (marked with red dots), and labels will pop up (if you have java enabled on your web browser).

The location numbering used here corresponds to my Map Key from LGJ#2, which differs slightly from previous publications in both individual location number and the boundaries of the quarters. The prefix letter (such as C1) refers to the city quarter. A = Artisans' Quarter, C = Clerkburg, F = Foreign Quarter, G = Garden Quarter, H = High Quarter, R = River Quarter, S = Slum Quarter, and T = Thieves' Quarter. In addition, CG = City Gates, O = City Outskirts, ST = Shacktown, and W = Wharves or Dock Quarter.

Descriptions of the many locations can be found in various publications about the city. Produced at different times, they describe the city at different dates. The most up to date descriptions can be found in Living Greyhawk Journal. LGJ#2 contains detailed descriptions of the Artisans' Quarter locations. LGJ#4 and #5 contain descriptions of many Clerkburg locations. The Adventure Begins (1998) describes about three quarters of the city locations listed here, along with an overview of the region, as of CY 591. The City of Greyhawk Boxed Set (1989) also describes the same locations as The Adventure Begins, however represent the pre-war (pre-From the Ashes Boxed Set) city at about CY 582.

Locations listed here that are not found in The Adventure Begins or the original City of Greyhawk boxed set books come from a variety of places, including the Adventure Cards from the City of Greyhawk boxed set, several adventure supplements, including the Falcon series (WGA1-3), Return of the Eight, WGA4 Vecna Lives!, WGR1 Greyhawk Ruins, Greyhawk Adventures hardcover, From the Ashes boxed set, SJR6 Greyspace, OP1 Tales from the Outer Planes, and the War Captain's Companion boxed set. Several locations come from Erik Mona's Absolute Power series of RPGA adventures. Foreign Quarter locations listed as 1 to 38 are described in Dungeon Issue #128 in an article by Richard Pett about the "Midnight's Muddle" neighborhood in the Free City as a backdrop article for the Age of Worms adventure path. I've also added the locations from Jason Bulmahn's Dragon #114 Mad God Key and his COR4-12 Key to the Grave RPGA adventure, the action therein centers around A19 The Broken Staff and the surrounding neighborhood. Locations from Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk (by Erik Mona, James Jacobs and Jason Bulmahn) have also been added. Lastly, some of the locations presented here are new, and come from my own home campaign. Eventually I hope to describe some of those locations here, as I expand my site. Check back periodically to see what new things I might add.

The City of Greyhawk street index map identifies all of the streets from the various official source books, adventures, supplements, and magazines, as well as streets mentioned in E. Gary Gygax's Gord the Rogue novels.

On this website you will also find the most complete list of City of Greyhawk NPCs available. This massive and fully annotated resource lists NPCs from before, during, and after the Greyhawk Wars, so DMs will find it useful no matter what year your campaign is based in. As I add more webpages detailing individual locations, I will link them to the bottom of this page, to the index page and to the javascripted city map below. You can, of course, see all the pages on my website (and instantly jump to any of them with a click) on my active site map.


City of Greyhawk Locations

Here you will find a complete location index for the City of Greyhawk v. 2.0 map (including new locations).

City of Greyhawk v.2.0

Hover your mouse cursor over the red dots for pop up location labels.


New Areas

O1 City Cemetery:

Citizens who cannot or choose not to be interred in the Common Crypt (possibly for religious reasons) are buried here. Non-citizens cannot be placed in the Common Crypt, and therefore must pay to be buried in the cemetery outside the city walls. Zagig actually foresaw that due to unscrupulous officials, part of the future city expansion (see "The Western Sewers" below) will be constructed over the cemetery without bothering to move many of the graves and crypts, and a great adventurer will arise from the result.

O4 Caravan Park:

These areas are set aside by the City as open space for trading caravans to make camp. Most large caravans choose not to enter the city as a unit, not that there would be any room for them within the city walls. The caravans then send representatives into the city to do the actual business transactions. Much of the trading is also done on site, as Greyhawk merchants search among the caravans for lucrative deals.

A14 Eridok's Expedition Provisions:

Sometimes referred to as Eridok's Expedition Expediters, this shop is one-stop shopping for adventurers, explorers and caravaneers. Here you'll find more information about Eridok and his shop.

A15 Maldin and Elenderi's:

A shop of the arcane, operated by none other then Maldin himself, with his partner Elenderi. Here you will find more information.

A19 The Broken Staff:

A tavern frequented by sages, scholars and wizards, and features unique entertainment. Here you will find more information.


Coming soon will be more detailed descriptions of several new locations!



The Undercity of Greyhawk

Based on the original undercity map from the City of Greyhawk boxed set, this is the only place you will see the undercity using my version of the City of Greyhawk. As such, what is presented here is entirely unofficial. New areas are representative of my own campaign only and not of the Living Greyhawk campaign..

Locations on this map are fewer, so they are not marked with red dots as the other map is (here red dots are sewer openings), however hovering over locations will bring up a pop up label. Generally, any tunnels that cross each other do not connect, unless there is a larger "dot" at that point (such as a purple secret-door dot). A tunnel that dead ends against another tunnel connects to that tunnel (often at a secret door). A tunnel that ends at a dot (or a dot is in the middle of a tunnel such as below the Broken Staff tavern) opens up to the building above it. Unfortunately, to make the map large enough to show good detail would make it unacceptably large for download purposes.


New Areas

The Western Sewers:

It is common knowledge that the sewer system for the city was originally created by Zagig. But most of the sewer system lies under the New City, which didn’t exist in Zagig’s time! How did he know? A silly question for a being such as Zagig. Of course he knew, through divination, how the city would develop in the future, and prepared for that. He also knew that, in the future, the city proper will expand to the west along the bluffs, so he built those sewers also! They are presently sealed from the rest of the sewer system, and no-one, not even the Sewerworkers’ Guild, knows of its existence at this time. Collapses occur from time to time, and it may be possible for this section to be discovered by PCs. What lies within these tunnels can only be guessed at. They were built as a secret project, and no one has entered them in almost 200 years.

U10 The Greyhawk School of Psionics

The Greyhawk School of Psionics is a small and very secret organization run by Pantrell, the school Master. More information is available on this page.

U18 Tanar’ri Temple:

This temple was the base from which Maldin and Elenderi's magic shop was unsuccessfully assaulted a year ago (described in LGJ#2). It is up to individual DMs to decide if the original owners are still active, if it has new tenants, or if it has been abandoned.

U19 Ruin Dungeons

Above this spot once stood the keep from which the original Langrafs of the Selintan ruled the region hundreds of years in the past. Long ago, the surface ruins were mysteriously obliterated so completely that now only a few scattered very-weathered, cut-stone blocks can be seen among the trees. Deep beneath the surface, however, the original dungeon level lies relatively intact. The only access is through a collapsed tunnel within the as-yet-undiscovered western sewers (see above). Records of the early Langrafs are virtually non-existent, so there is no way of knowing what lies within these old dungeons.


Saving these Maps

Click on the City of Greyhawk v.2 map to pull up the GIF file and save it. Because of the java script for the pop-up labels, saving the map 2 and 3 images is more difficult. To make it easier, right click on the following links to save just those maps.     Greyhawk map: dt-cogh.gif         Undercity Map: cogh-undercity.gif


The Living Greyhawk Journal

As a special bonus included with the Living Greyhawk Journal #2, a full-color, high resolution map of the City of Greyhawk was produced by myself (the map you see here) and printed by the RPGA Network as a 2 by 3 foot poster sheet. Unfortunately, the Living Greyhawk Journal is now out-of-print. Perhaps, if the demand is high enough, Wizards of the Coast or Paizo Publishing may republish the map. Paizo Publishing has on at least one occasion found more copies of the Journal, and have made them available on their website. Check there periodically to see if they have anything. Otherwise you might find something on eBay. I list here the articles of particular interest to the City of Greyhawk.

Living Greyhawk Journal #2 contains the special Map Poster insert, an article introducing the map and map key (by Erik Mona and myself), and an article describing locations A1 to A23 and an overview of the Artisans' Quarter (also by Erik and myself). The issue also contains an article on the Rhennee, and another on 4 Greyhawk creatures.

Living Greyhawk Journal #3 does not contain an article on the City of Greyhawk, however does contain an article on hero-deities, a complete listing of the Greyhawk gods, and another creature article.

Living Greyhawk Journal #4 contains an article describing City of Greyhawk locations C1 to C3 and an overview of Clerkburg (by Erik Mona), It also contains an article on a sorcerous society known as the Silent Ones, and a creature article.

Living Greyhawk Journal #5 contains an article describing Clerkburg locations C4 to C12 (by Erik Mona and myself).

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